Hi! Delf Eclevia here.

I am a recently retired CEO of small real estate company developing town homes and residential subdivision projects. An Industrial Engineer turned urban planner, real estate licensed broker, appraiser, developer, and now an online marketer.
Here are some of my pictures taken a few years ago showing two of my finished projects, the 158-unit town home project in Metro Manila and the 50-hectare subdivision project north of Luzon.

148 Town home units in Metro-Manila, Philippines.

The 50-hectare residential project in Northern Luzon, Philippines.

You feel fulfilled and gratified serving people by providing them homes. Will it not be the same by serving others by providing them easy access to millions of goods and services through online marketing?

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Below is a picture of my growing Family taken recently in one of the private hot spring resorts in Pansol, Laguna, Philippines. Beside me in the pool is my wife GINA and my youngest daughter IFFA. A really big and happy family. Can I ask for more?

If you want to unwind in this resort or in one of the known hot spring resorts in the area, I can arrange it for you at no cost. Really!